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The evolution of the "slide album" continues with the release of "Lost and Found," the second full length CD from the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - still the most unique and original band living and working together today.

Tina Trachtenburg (Mother, projectors), Jason Trachtenburg (Father, guitar and piano), and Rachel Trachtenburg (Daughter, drums) scour estate sales, thrift shops, and other underground slide sources to procure the oddest, the most illuminating, and the most colorfully detailed examples from the golden age of slide projection. These found slides are musically reinterpreted and form the back drop to the Trachtenburg’s internationally acclaimed, award winning live shows.

This family is alternative from the ground up, subscribing to a fierce yet fun DIY approach to style and aesthetic, fashion and formula. Environmental sustainability, passionate vegetarianism, and home schooling are at the front of this drawing board.

The Trachtenburgs released “Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle Vol 1” on Bar/None Records in 2003 to high acclaim, leading to TV appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’Brian,” MTV, VH1, Fuse, Starz, Sundance, Nickelodeon and many other stations around the world.

On “Lost & Found,” vintage slide collections are spun to perfection, weaving tales of memories lost...and art found. Lyrical complexities and simplicities make for immediate musical memories featuring 10 new "slide songs," a theme song, a poem, and bonus-track debut recordings from the Trachtenburg's spin-off projects SUPERCUTE! (featuring Rachel Trachtenburg,) and The Pendulum Swings (featuring Jason Trachtenburg.)

High Art, Found Art, Slide Rock, Art it what you will, the Trachtenburg's present genre defining and defying music and art that breaks all barriers while carrying the banner for individuality and togetherness. Ladies and Gentleman....."Lost and Found."

"They might just be the best band ever." – Pitchfork Media

“10 STARS **********” - NME

"The Trachtenburg's are the most original, uplifting, charming, peculiar and downright hilarious thing I have seen in a very long time.” - Time Out

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